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Bachelor of Science in 
Child Development & Family Studies

Students who choose to pursue the on-campus Bachelor of Science in Child Development and Family Studies Program may select a professional focus from a wide variety of areas, including child care specialist, early childhood teacher, developmental specialist, child life educator, parent educator, extension specialist, and family life specialist. Field placements offer students an opportunity to apply classroom theory to actual situations. Practica sites available to students in this program include:

The on-campus bachelor of science degree in child development and family studies offers the Birth through Pre-Kindergarten and Family and Youth curriculum pathways to choose from. 

Birth through Pre-Kindergarten teacher and student

The birth through pre-kindergarten curriculum pathway encompass the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of young children in the family and early childhood contexts. The West Virginia University Child Development Laboratory (Nursery School) provides students with valuable learning experiences as they plan and implement preschool programming. 

This pathway offers the following options of study:
  • Preschool Education, Birth - Age 5 with Pre-School Special Needs Pre-K-K Endorsement Option
  • Preschool Education, Birth - Age 5 Option
  • Child Development (Non-Certification) Option
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Family and Youth family study session

The Family and Youth Studies curriculum pathway is designed for students with interests in working with children, adolescents, and/or families. Students in this option may be seeking careers working with these segments of the population in such settings as youth or family service agencies or as Child Live Specialists in medical settings. This option is also appropriate for students who will pursue graduate studies in child or human development, family studies, education, developmental psychology, marriage and family therapy, social work, and related fields. 

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