CLM Coordinator Certificate Program

Competent Learner Model
Graduate Credit Option through WVU

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Tucci Learning Solutions is excited to announce new learning options for completing the CLM Course of Study and growing as a CLMer.

Introducing TUCCi CLM Certificate Programs with graduate credit options through WVU and BACB ceu option.

  • CLM Implementer Certificate—-4 course (12 credit) sequence
  • CLM Coach/Leader Certificate—- 5 course (15 credit) sequence
  • CLM Coordinator Certificate 4 course (12 credit) sequence

Registration is NOW Open! Classes begin the week of August 25th.

CLM Certificate Programs are:

  • sequenced, semester long courses leading to specialized certificate
  • online, instructor led small cohorts
  • cohorts meet “virtually” for class one night a week
  • alternative method of advancing through CLM COS units with additional advanced and complimentary content
  • certificate programs available in both credit and non-credit options
  • each course is worth 3 graduate credits (WVU awarded)
  • each course is worth up to 50 BACB ce hours

Who is this for?

  • CLMers who are currently completing the COS units who would also like to earn graduate credits to use as electives to transfer into their graduate program
  • CLMers (teachers, OTs, BCBAs, School Psychs, Principals, Supervisors, LSWs, etc.) who are required to obtain graduate credit hours or CEUs as re-certification requirements
  • CLMers who want guided study with other CLMers from outside of their own organization
  • School leaders who want to have a deeper understanding of the CLM Coaches in Training who would like to complete the COS again with additional guidance to obtain deeper knowledge and competencies CLMers who completed the COS years ago and just want a refresher
  • New CLMers
  • Professionals interested in learning about effective instruction for students with poor participation skills resulting in challenging behaviors and other learning and academic skill deficits

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for the first course is offered at a reduced rate.

  • Tuition and CLM materials fee ($650.) paid to Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc.
  • OPTIONAL (50) BACB ceu’s for Implementer/Coach Course fee ($100.) paid to Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc.
  • Processing fee for 3 graduate credits ($227.) paid directly to West Virginia University
    See the PDF for additional details.

For questions or registration information, email Cathy Scutta at