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Master of Arts in
Educational Psychology

Program Evaluation and Research Emphasis

student evaluating program

The Educational Psychology Masters Program with an emphasis in Evaluation and Research is designed primarily for individuals with interest in conducting research and evaluation projects for private and public educational organizations and agencies. Emphasis is placed on developing proficiency in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods inquiry, providing students with a breadth of methods to study varied educational, programmatic, and social research questions. All students will be required to design and conduct at least one full program evaluation during the course of their studies.

Program Outcomes

The more general outcomes for students and the state and region are a cadre of professionals prepared to conduct program evaluations and research in a variety of education and other human services settings. In addition, some of the graduates will directly or eventually enter doctoral programs in disciplines related to educational psychology, program evaluation, and research.

Program Delivery

The students in the majors will be a mix of full-time and part-time students. While most instruction and mentoring will be face-to-face, online instruction and mentoring of students can be arranged as circumstances require and permit. Specialized delivery technologies may be utilized as needed on an individual student or learning activity basis.

Clientele and Need

The addition of an emphasis in program evaluation and research is unique within the state and will continue to provide a masters program for students seeking to attain a strong foundation from which to pursue doctoral study. This major will additionally appeal to students seeking a “quasi”-terminal degree with which to pursue employment in schools and other education oriented entities.

With the current strong emphasis on data based decision-making driven by the No Child Left Behind legislation, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and other regulatory mandates, graduates of this program will be in high demand.

Plan of Study

A plan of study can easily be created to accommodate full-time or part-time students, as well as students pursuing a doctoral or second master's degree while completing the Educational Psychology emphasis in Program Evaluation and Research. Several courses are currently offered in both online and face-to-face formats. While some courses are only offered face-to-face, we are working toward making additional courses available online. 

Sample Plan of Study

The sample plan of study below is designed for a student who wants to focus full-time on completing this degree program. This plan of study can easily be modified to accommodate part-time students or students pursuing other degrees. 
Fall Semester 1

EDP 612 Introduction to Research  3 cr.
EDP 613 Statistical Methods 3 cr.
SCFD 615 Qualitative Research Methods 3 cr.
SCFD 781 The Nature of Inquiry: Part 1 1 cr.

Spring Semester 2

EDP 611 Measurement/Evaluation in Educational Psychology 3 cr.
EDP 617 Program Evaluation 3 cr.
SCFD 782 The Nature of Inquiry: Part 2 1 cr.
EDP 685 Practicum I or Elective 3 cr.

Summer Semester 3

EDP 618 Mixing Research Methodologies 3 cr.
EXP 685 Practicum I or Elective 3 cr.

Fall Semester 3

EDP 698 Thesis  3-6 cr.
SCFD 783 The nature of Inquiry: Part 3 1 cr.

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