Instructional Design and Technology Programs

Master of Arts in Instructional Design and Technology – ONLINE

The online Master of Arts in Instructional Design and Technology Program is designed for the individual who wants to apply cutting edge instructional technologies and design strategies in business, education, and other educational settings. Features of the program include courses in educational psychology, instructional design and technology, and program evaluation.

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Doctorate (Ed.D.) in Instructional Design and Technology

The Instructional Design and Technology Ed.D. Program is designed to allow a graduate to immediately apply knowledge and skills to pragmatic needs in any educational setting, particularly for those interested in teaching and conducting research in a university environment. Knowledge and skill-building are designed into the courses and address three areas of competency, including interconnectivity, instructional design, and software-multimedia design. Students are encouraged to address research toward the pragmatic needs of students, programs, and institutions.

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