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Bachelor of Science in
Child Development & Family Studies

Admission Requirements

Incoming Freshmen

Students must be admitted to West Virginia University to become students in the Bachelor of Science in Child Development and Family Studies Program. Direct admission to the CDFS program requires incoming freshmen students to have a cumulative high school GPA of 2.5 to be admitted to the program.

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Transfer Students

Transfer students must have an overall GPA of 2.5 to be accepted into the Bachelor of Science in CDFS program. 

Students transferring from other institutions must apply in advance with the  WVU Office of Admissions (304-293-2121) to determine which courses taken at other institutions will be given full credit at WVU. 

Students transferring from within the institution, must take their records to Anita Garten in CEHS Student Advising, (506A Allen Hall, 304-293-2137) for assessment. 

Pre-CDFS Students - CEHS

Students who wish to major in CDFS, but who do not meet the current admissions requirements may enroll in Pre-CDFS within CEHS. Specifically, students with who have earned 0-59 credit hours and have a 2.25 GPA can enroll in Pre-CDFS in CEHS. Students in the Pre-CDFS in CEHS major will be advised in by Anita Garten and she can be reached at Pre-CDFS students will also need to meet additional requirements, depending on the CDFS Option in which they intend to enroll. These are outlined in the CDFS Handbook.