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Online Bachelor of Science in
child development & Family Studies

LiveText Overview

Description and Purpose of LiveText

LiveText is an assessment and accreditation management system with data collection capabilities that is accessible through the internet. Students are able to create and design course assignments, projects, lesson plans, and portfolios to show their course work, teaching abilities, and clinical experiences. In addition, the Department of Education is able to generate and review data to prove that students are able to do what they are supposed to do to become effective childcare workers or teachers.

You will be instructed by your professor on the specific assignments that are to be submitted to LiveText. From all work completed in the LiveText system, the Department of Education will select certain assignments or projects in particular courses from which to gather data to assess the quality of our degree programs, courses, and students. The Department of Education will also be collecting data at various intervals on the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and professional growth of our students as they progress through their degree programs. In addition, individual professors will be able to create reports based on assignments created, completed, and graded online via the LiveText system to monitor and improve their own instruction.

Student Registration of LiveText

The LiveText registration is an online process which will take no more than ten (10) minutes to complete.

After registration confirmation has been made, you will receive an email.

If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact Dr. Nancy Taylor at

NOTE before you proceed:
LiveText works best in Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and higher. If you use other web browsers, some features of LiveText will not work.

Downloading and Configuring Mozilla Firefox to work with LiveText

To download Mozilla Firefox web browser

1. To download Mozilla Firefox web browser, go to
2. Click on the icon [Download Firefox free].
3. Follow the screen prompts to download the software to your computer desktop.
4. Double click the [Firefox Setup] icon on your desktop to install the software by following the screen prompts.
5. Once the software is installed, an icon showing an orange fox on a globe will be visible on your desktop.
6. Double click on the Mozilla Firefox icon to start the software.

To configure Mozilla Firefox web browser to work with LiveText

1. Click on the word [Tools] just about the location window.
2. Scroll down to [Options] and click on [Options].
3. Click on the icon [Main] and look for the [Startup] section.
4. In the white box after the words Home Page, erase what’s currently there and type in the following:
5. Next, click the [Content] icon at the top of the Options window.
6. Look for the first white checkbox labeled [Block pop-up windows].
7. At this point, you may do one of two things:

a) If there is a green checkmark in the checkbox to [Block pop-up windows], you may click once on the box and the checkmark will disappear. (Note: This will allow any and all pop-up windows to appear, even the not-so-desirable ones as well as LiveText.)

b) You may leave the green checkmark in the checkbox to [Block pop-up windows] and click on [Exceptions] instead. When the Allowed Sites – Popups window appears, look for the white box below the words [Address of web site]. In this box, type, click [Allow], then click [Close] in the lower right hand corner of the window. (Note: Using this choice will allow ONLY pop-up windows from LiveText to be seen and no others.)

8. Click [OK] to close the Options window.
9. Click the [Home] icon on the browser toolbar and your browser should automatically go to the LiveText web site.