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Master of Arts in
Educational Psychology

Program Evaluation and Research Major

student evaluating program

The Educational Psychology Master’s Program major in program evaluation and research is a unique offering within the state of West Virginia. Evaluators and researchers with a proficiency in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods inquiry are in high demand. They study varied educational, programmatic, and social research questions on local, regional, and global scales. Graduates of this program have secured high paying jobs conducting evaluation and research at a wide variety of nonprofit and for profit organizations. Graduates also have successfully matriculated into doctoral programs at major research universities. To foster this experience, the CEHS Program Evaluation and Research Center also offers competitive funded positions to highly motivated students who perform real-world hands-on program evaluations.

Plan of Study

A plan of study can easily be created to accommodate full-time or part-time students, as well as students pursuing a doctoral or second master's degree while completing the Educational Psychology emphasis in Program Evaluation and Research. Several courses are currently offered in both online and face-to-face formats. While some courses are only offered face-to-face, we are working toward making additional courses available online. 

Sample Plan of Study

The sample plan of study below is designed for a student who wants to focus full-time on completing this degree program. This plan of study can easily be modified to accommodate part-time students or students pursuing other degrees. 
Fall Semester 1

EDP 612 Introduction to Research  3 cr.
EDP 613 Statistical Methods 3 cr.
SCFD 615 Qualitative Research Methods 3 cr.
SCFD 781 The Nature of Inquiry: Part 1 1 cr.

Spring Semester 2

EDP 611 Measurement/Evaluation in Educational Psychology 3 cr.
EDP 617 Program Evaluation 3 cr.
SCFD 782 The Nature of Inquiry: Part 2 1 cr.
EDP 685 Practicum I or Elective 3 cr.

Summer Semester 3

EDP 618 Mixing Research Methodologies 3 cr.
EXP 685 Practicum I or Elective 3 cr.

Fall Semester 3

EDP 698 Thesis  3-6 cr.
SCFD 783 The nature of Inquiry: Part 3 1 cr.

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Graduate Certificate in Program Evaluation

For those who already hold a master's degree but are interested in expanding their knowledge of the program evaluation field, WVU now offers an online graduate certificate in program evaluation