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Research Facilities

WVU Child Development Laboratory
(Nursery School)

The Child Development Laboratory (WVU Nursery School) is a unit of LSHD and is designed to provide observational and hands-on experience for CEHS students majoring in child development and family studies, curriculum and instruction, and other related fields. Although it enrolls just 40 preschool children (with a wait list of many), it has a tremendous service record to families, the University, and the community. The staff provides parents with resources and information on child development issues while serving as a professional development experience for more than 800 university students each year. 

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Program Evaluation and Research Center (PERC)

The CEHS Program Evaluation and Research Center (PERC) conducts research and evaluation across a wide range of educational and social programs. PERC includes the Advanced Analysis Laboratory where graduate students and faculty support each other as they conduct research and evaluation. This provides real-world learning contexts for students in graduate degree programs where research and evaluation skills are critical. 

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Peer-to-Peer Learning Lab

The Peer-to-Peer Learning Lab utilizes peer assessment (often also called peer review) to conduct quantitative evaluation and to obtain qualitative feedback of a learner's performance by another learner of the same status. 

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