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Neal Shambaugh, PhD

Professor, Instructional Design and Technology

West Virginia University
College of Education and Human Services
Department of Learning Sciences and Human Development

Office: 506F Allen Hall
Phone: 304-293-2076

Dr. Neal Shambaugh has authored two published textbooks on Instructional Design, his teaching specialty - one title for graduate programs and the second for teacher education. Since 1999, he has been a liaison to an elementary/middle school, a pst program coordinator of graduate instructional design and technology programs, and a former associate dean for academic affairs. He has taught 16 different courses, and he has taught online since 2010. He was awarded the CEHS Outstanding Teacher Award in 2003.

Dr. Shambaugh's PhD is in instructional systems development from Virginia Tech, where he also earned his master's degree in curriculum and instruction and a BS degree from management science. Before his career in academia, he spent 14 years as a radio announcer, 6 years in training program development, and 15 years as a video producer. He has owned two businesses, including a training consulting firm, and was general manager and part-owner of an FM radio station. In addition to academic publications, he has written several short stories for children and is working on novel manuscripts for adolescents.