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Doctor of Education in
Instructional Design & Techology

Doctoral Program Course Descriptions

Instructional Design & Technology Courses

IDT 620. Social network Media - 3 Hours.
This course will address the fundamental mechanics of using computers to access information networks for application in elementary, secondary, and higher education classroom instruction, as well as other education/business teaching/learning environments. 

IDT 630. Instructional Delivery Systems - 3 Hours.
Emphasis on the four elements of content development: presenting, engagement, integration and assessment using open source systems. 

IDT 640. Visual Literacy - 3 Hours.
Introduce students to knowledge of how humans use visual and nonverbal communication, and how visuals can be used in educational settings. 

IDT 660. IDT Authoring Systems - 3 Hours.
Design and development of online instruction through the use of current authoring systems. 

IDT 715. School Networks - 3 Hours.
Hands-on Exploratory course in design, development and deployment of a school network. Explore the issues of design, policy, and security by building and deploying your internet server. 

IDT 720. Instructional Systems Design - 3 Hours.
The systems approach is used to design instruction, applying the principles of instructional design.

IDT 740. Design Studio - 3 Hours.
Apply principles of instructional design, knowledge of learning theories, and experience with technological tools to the design of instructional products and curriculum for actual clients.

IDT 750. Prototype Studio - 3 Hours. 
Implement and revise design of online educational materials developed in IDT 740. 

Educational Psychology Courses

EDP 612. Introduction to Research - 3 Hours.
Basic concepts, strategies, methodologies, designs, and procedures of research in education. Major emphasis on integrating research designs, measurements, and statistics for initiating research projects, collecting and analyzing data, and interpreting and reporting findings. 

EDP 613. Statistical Methods 1 - 3 Hours. 
Basic concepts of statistical models, distributions, probability, random variables, tests of hypotheses, confidence intervals, regressions, correlation, transformation, F and chi-square distributions, and analysis of variance and sample size. 

EDP 614. Statistical Methods 2 - 3 Hours.
Extension of basic concepts of statistical models, design of experiments, multiway classification models, factorials, split plot design, simple covariance, orthogonal comparisons, multiple linear and nonlinear regression and correlation analysis, chi-square and nonparametric statistics. 

EDP 640. Instructional Design - 3 Hours. 
Introduces the major components of the instructional design process, from needs analysis through evaluation and implementation. Students will demonstrate the elements of the process with a design plan for instructional project. 

EDP 700. Psychological Foundations of Learning - 3 Hours.
Psychological foundations of major learning theories and their implications for instructional procedures.

EDP 740. Principles of Instruction - 3 Hours.
Basic principles of teaching-learning process implied in major learning theories; study of factors in learning, variables in instructional programming, and principles of instructional design. 

Social Cultural Foundations Course

SCFD 615. Qualitative Research Methods - 3 Hours.
An introduction to the nature of qualitative research and to techniques of interviewing, observation, and the analysis of documents and other cultural artifacts. Includes guided experience in designing and implementing a qualitative research study. 

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