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online Doctor of Education in
Instructional Design & Technology

Program of Study

Research Methodology Core (15 credit hours required)

EDP 612   Educational Research 3 credit hours
EDP 613
Statistics 1
3 credit hours
SCFD 615
Qualitative Research Methods
3 credit hours
Either EDP 614
Statistics 2
3 credit hours
Or       SCFD 715 Advance Qualitative Research  3 credit hours
Research Methodology Elective
EDP 617 Program Evaluation is recommended but it is to be determined in consultation with advisor/committee 3 credit hours

IDT Program Coursework (39 credit hours required)

Common Core (12 credit hours)

EDP 600
Educational Psychology 3 credit hours
EDP 740
Principles of Instruction
3 credit hours
IDT 600
IDT Theories and Models
3 credit hours
IDT 610
Distance Education
3 credit hours

Competency Major (27 credit hours)

Three competency areas are listed below. The student is encouraged to take 9  credit hours  from each area. However, as approved by the student’s doctoral committee and advisor, more or less number of courses can be taken in each area. At least one course from each area AND a total of 27 credits from all areas must be taken:
IDT 620 Social Network Media 3 credit hours
IDT 630 Instructional Delivery Systems 3 credit hours
IDT 715 School Networks 3 credit hours
Instructional Design
EDP 640 Instructional Design 3 credit hours
IDT 720 Instructional Systems Design 3 credit hours
IDT 740 Design Studio 3 credit hours
IDT 750
Prototype Studio
3 credit hours
IDT 655
Technology for Teachers
3 credit hours
IDT 675
Online Teaching/Learning
3 credit hours
Software & Multimedia
IDT 640 Visual Literacy 3 credit hours
IDT 650
Multimedia Learning
3 credit hours
IDT 660 Authoring Systems 3 credit hours
IDT 665 Game Design for Instruction
3 credit hours
IDT 735
Technology Integration
3 credit hours

Electives (18 credit hours required)

  • Other IDT Courses
  • Courses from Master's Program
  • Courses from other programs

Dissertation (6+ credit hours required)

After completion of courses, the student must remain continuously enrolled for at least (1) credit hour each fall and spring semester. The student would enroll in either IDT 797 Research or IDT 798 Dissertation. A total of (6) credit hours of re-search/dissertation hours are necessary before graduation.

Either  IDT 797
6+ credit hours
Or  IDT 798
6+ credit hours

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