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LSHD Course Credit Research Participation

LSHD Course Credit Policy

The Department of Learning Sciences and Human Development maintains an active and approved course and extra credit policy, the purpose of which is to incentivize student participation in established research studies conducted by individuals employed in or affiliated with the Department. The Course Credit for Research Participation Policy, which describes procedures for recruitment of and data collection from students enrolled in courses in the Department, is available here. The course credit policy has been reviewed and approved by the Chairs of the West Virginia University Institutional Review Board as of April 22, 2020; a copy of the approval of this policy is available here.

LSHD Course Credit Request Form

To obtain approval to recruit and collect data from students enrolled in courses in the Department of Learning Sciences and Human Development, the following Request Form must be completed, submitted, and approved. This form collects information necessary to designate eligible research studies with the Department. Completion of all portions of this form is required in order to list a research study as active in the Department. This form will be reviewed and approved by the research coordinator of the Department (Texie Wells;; as needed, clarification and revision may be requested. Completion and approval of this form constitutes approval to recruit and collect data from students enrolled in courses in the Department.

LSHD Course Credit Research Study Completion Form

Per policy, researchers are expected to notify the research coordinator of the completion of all active research studies in a timely manner. Researchers should complete the following Completion Form to indicate completion of the research study. This will allow the research coordinator to update and track completion of research studies in the department.

Course and Extra Credit

Students may obtain course or extra credit for their participation in the following active research studies. Students must be enrolled in the course(s) from which students are being recruited.

Active Research Studies

Research studies currently listed as active in the Department are listed below:

Note. Study information with respect to the estimated number of student participants is updated periodically. Check with the primary investigator or course coordinator/instructor to verify the number of remaining research credits.

Inactive/Archived Research Studies

Research studies previously listed as active in the Department are listed below:

WVU Child Development Laboratory
(Nursery School)

The Child Development Laboratory (WVU Nursery School) is a unit of LSHD and is designed to provide observational and hands-on experience for CEHS students majoring in child development and family studies, curriculum and instruction, and other related fields. Although it enrolls just 40 preschool children (with a wait list of many), it has a tremendous service record to families, the University, and the community. The staff provides parents with resources and information on child development issues while serving as a professional development experience for more than 800 university students each year. 

Visit the Nursery School Website

Program Evaluation and Research Center (PERC)

The CEHS Program Evaluation and Research Center (PERC) conducts research and evaluation across a wide range of educational and social programs. PERC includes the Advanced Analysis Laboratory where graduate students and faculty support each other as they conduct research and evaluation. This provides real-world learning contexts for students in graduate degree programs where research and evaluation skills are critical. 

Visit the PERC website

Peer-to-Peer Learning Lab

The Peer-to-Peer Learning Lab utilizes peer assessment (often also called peer review) to conduct quantitative evaluation and to obtain qualitative feedback of a learner's performance by another learner of the same status. 

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